Dear friends

Please open up their hearts to your bright love,
please help them become curious as well,
that minds might love the truth come from above
sent here to tantalise us with its smell.

Please open up my life & deeds to bear
clear witness, to the truth & love of God,
then opened thoughts and words could also share
your messages, to show you here have trod.

Please open up the heavens up above
these dear ones so your spirit might come down
& woo them with the smells, sounds, sights of Love
and Truth that Jesus brought into our town.


Walking through this world with Elohim.

Wasting time with God
thinking of the folk
where his feet have trod
every sheila, bloke,

he has walked among
with a heart of love,
knows where they come from
will not ever shove

'cept if they implore
him to come, in love,
like he did before
as a hov’ring dove

at our very birth
at the start of life
on this tiny Earth
as a helper (wife?),

or a mother bird,
as a strong dad cares
(these may sound absurd -
metaphors he shares

to help us see him
in a diff’rent light -
our culture is dim
his is ever bright),

his way of “doing”
sometimes seems so long...
his rhythms ensuing
often break to song!


So where we share his care*; that's prayer!

When we're in prayer we share his care.

Oh God, you’re helping me, now here, to see
from what Geoff said in many LTGs,
and I now see it's relevance to me:
(I've always thought it good, but now I seize
upon it - seeing possibilities
for how it could act antidot-ally
to help me with my present maladies).

It’s if I pray for people as they come
to mind in me, reminding me of them,
(and this is where folk might think it is dumb
- but I don't care, I want to touch your “hem”1)
then in this world I'm in “the line of Shem”2,
(that’s even if my name’s not there to some),
I'm trusting you to take me by the hem,

and take me back, to a new lineage.
Time-travel backwards like a “Jedi knight”,
& learning a new culture, new image
of what is so important in this “fight”
(which also matches parts of me that might
appear to be some incidental trimage,
- or rubbish) you see backwards along light!

I'm acting in the social world of folk,
invisible, apart from its effect,
existing only in the minds of bloke
& sheila, culture’s categ’ries connect
us in a way that might seem just a joke
to folk who focus on “what” eyes detect
more than "who": woman, man, left derelict.

It’s not just “what’s” & “who’s” - in this old life.
It's motives, how I'll use this one at hand.
And to what end I “understand” my wife?
To love, or use? To pray, refuse to stand
as names are called? Will I appalled, unmanned,
refuse to use this chance to dance that’s rife
(I find each time you bring to mind “unplanned”’

by me, a person made to be like you).
I want to learn to dance with you, my God!
Please take the lead, my greatest needs “Adieu” -
acknowledge them, but then again, where trod
that Man of men, my need won't lead (that’s odd,
except it leads me to be led by you!)
I'll trusting follow Yeshua's wink, nod.

And here I am again, thinking of you..
what did you say that day on Calvary?
The stuff of life threw to your open view
your mum and John watch on, and while they see
your need, you give news - views of family.
And then you pray: continue questing "WHO"
to paradoxically, conduit mercy.

* This is now part 4 of my responses this week..

1) thinking of that lady who took the process that had already started, from being touched by Jesus, to touching Jesus(Mk3), further, to touching the hem of his (prayer) coat. And who then appears to have let the cat out of the bag since in Galilee "where-ever he went, in villages, towns, & countryside, they took the sick to the market places & where-ever they heard he was, & begged him to let them at least touch the hem of his robe, and everyone who touched him (or his hem) was healed (see end of Mk 6, & it's parallel in Luke)

2) Shem's lineage (the "second" - remaining) Son of Adam in the Story. An alternative to the first Son of Adam (Cain) is outlined in Genesis 5, over against the lineage of Cain whose Line was that of the technologists and skillful artisans. An alternative to Cain's.


choose companions & array antagonists*

This appears to be Part Three, following on from 1) "oh me thinks that that stinks" & 2) “what life’s lost … might be compost

And there’s this thing - phenomenon, which comes,
occurs amongst the plant-world here as such;
they’re called “companion plants”, & their crumbs
help nurture their “companions” - (very much

sometimes). But there are opposites as well,
and they are called “antagonistic plants”*.
I think some proverbs can have such a smell
that they help to repel “aphids & ants”,

and too these self-aggrandize-mental ways
that still have seeds that grow up very quick
within the garden of my life, these days.
And sometimes God’s pure water makes them sick.

So God I’ll grow what I can within me
I want to have a smell that you would like,
that’s something like that fellow we call Gee-
Z’us. He would help you want to “on ya bike”,

at least to follow on, where he has gone,
he helps me get on going, take a hike.
I honestly think he is true, the ONE
he showed us how to handle what was “spiked”.

He didn’t drink some drinks, but did others.
Seemed like it was dependant on who did
the “spiking”, or maybe to save brothers
he knew would have to drink it - to the lid.

Well, I am going to cheat off him from now.
I see he listened up to scriptures/You.
For God, he trusted your word would endow
him with his needs to let your crop grow through!

*eg. cucumber's companion & antagonistic plants


off 2 celebrations

Txt2PW: Thanks Paul for the invite. We will be in Newcastle for 2 baptisms next wkd though.

Oh Good! Enjoy.
As God's own boy
(who turned water
to wine, brought a
edge, more lately),
with the party
really starting
as the folk there
joined un-a-ware
with hea'en's folk fair
who let down hair -
time and water
there have taught a
new truth that day:
(washed clean away)
when that "old" dies,
soon the "new" flies!
So we too will
join God's angels!


what life's lost ... might be compost..*

So cultivating (weeds from) soil 'sa job
that every farmer has to do on land
for which they are responsible. They rob
some plants of life, to do their job at hand.

And yes they will commit a crime by some
ways of seeing life (like Mr. Singer's).
Thus "Species-ism" is the word some come
up with, for folk who act as those 'sinners'

who make distinctions here between species,
& choose for different blocks of land which ones
will be allowed to breathe (or make faeces),
& procreate, & live under our sun's

beams of light and energy that spark
the making & the storage of sugars,
as starches, & as wood, that's then em-barked..
The farmer pulls some out - just like boogers!

And I'm a farmer, in a sort of way.
And also too then, I'm his block of soil.
So crops that grows in me are (as they say)
defining of the stuff my life embroils.

And crops lend of their names to their paddocks,
- so while it grows that crop, that's how it's known.
And I'm a kind of (Farmer/Block) - addict,
and any passing seeds are what gets sown.

But One thing that I seem to have the power
to do is dig around the roots, disturb,
(with the Gard'ner's help, from hour to hour)
the kind of plants I want to treat like turds.

* This appears to be Part Two, following on from "oh me thinks that that stinks",
 & then a few days later followed by: "choose companions and array antagonists".


another babe

Some very GREAT news 'bout a very small
child of both of yous; holy, so she'll call
out to Yahweh who's the Most High of all
- may his daughter choose to trust when she falls.

And may Mum & Dad model simple trust
when the news is "bad", when things start to bust.
Learning from this Na - Omi Grace Isa
Yohana Roza-li how to cry sa

much, & from the heart, when things aren't so good:
'specting you to start & respond as should
one who really loved & wants us to grow
often we feel shoved, but don't want to know

'bout that growing bit, we don't want the pains
or the feeling clipped, we just want the gains;
like an athlete who just wins every race
without training to help us keep the pace.

So God, here we are, thinking of this small
child Naomi's far more dependent call;
and the fact that she can not do a thing,
yet she teaches we, who would learn to sing*.

oh, me thinks ... that that stinks! *

Oh God there's part of me that wants to be
acknowledged, and thought well of by some folk.
I saw it there tonight in that story
I told of how I helped that other bloke.

Oh God you helped me see it at the time,
but I kept telling, coz I was half through.
I should have stopped immediately, in line,
with what your Spirit came to help me do.

So please forgive me, make me clean. I find
now what to do (& help me stop that talk
& learn to build up who then comes to mind,
instead of using them as stuff to chalk

up tallies for myself to show off now
how good I am at all I try to do).
I hate it Lord, when others do that "bow",
& talk as though THEY did it, without you.

And there I was, just doing what I hate.
The problem really is that it's not true
for me to talk as though I made my mate...
when really all my confidence in you

is not a thing to boast of. I'd be sick
and tired and want to give up, if that was
the thing for me to spuke of very quick.
So I will only boast in You, because

in truth it's you who helps me ever be
in the know, or have a go, or waiting.
By nature I would shrink away, I see.
Thanks Lord for this chance at cultivating!

* This appesrs to be Part One, followed on a few days later with "what life's lost might be compost"
 & then a few days later than that: "choose companions and array antagonists"


atone a loan & lift the gift

That's "All done!" for the loan (& gift) to you.
And, man, pay that loan "forward" - as did he
whom God anointed to show us right through
these days where God displays Christ's victory

of love, & fam'ly ways, more than of force
(or keeping the ascendancy of pow'r)
for love does never end, so it of course
has more power than all suns in ev'ry hour!


may cornerstone community ... serve who god sends and reflect well ... the cornerstone whose unity ... is integrated in himself..

God, you know much more than we
do, these things serve "family"
well we really want them to, 
that our father's love will do

what it does to beckon/woo
folk to lives of love unto
their own death within this world,
may this open-week unfold

your adventure for these folk
(every woman, every bloke)
that we all be corners-turned
towards the light, your Christ owned.



on offer

... and said, “I assure you that unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven. The greatest in the Kingdom of heaven is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child. And whoever welcomes in my name one such child as this, welcomes me. Mt 18:3‭-‬5 GNTD http://bible.com/69/mat.18.3-5.GNTD

My God , I'm yours today. Do as you will
with me - is what I say, but now to live...
A living sacrifice, that is unkilled
can seem to be so nice, but it will give

me more embarrassment, for it crawls off
the altar where I meant to do the deed.
I know this from my children's open love
reporting that minds will wander, not heed..

when I had said "Lie down, & shut your eyes."
-& they'd obeyed (not frowned & sulked) with trust,
they still reported side-tracks, like blow-flies,
which opened up them wide - until they'd bust.

And when they asked "How do I cope with that?"
well my reply came through as clear as day,
"I think the real issue comes into bat
when you remember to, - start to obey,

instead of thinking "Well, I failed in that."
& moving on to tell myself that "I
can do whatever I want to do, flat
out" since I don't know why, I will not try.

So learn to now obey - nitty gritty,
& in a diff'rent way (against inclines),
for love acknowledges "Author-ity"
& yet creatively it underlines,

& underwrites, & understands the truth,
so does what can be done to compost dead...
dead branches, limbs that live no more their youth-
full-ness because they give it no more head!


crop depends on ... what seed is sown

Sow seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of unfailing love. Plow up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek The Lord, that he may come and shower righteousness upon you. Hosea 10:12 (PM Version)

Sow seeds of righteousness, 
and you'll harvest a crop
of unfailing love/peace.
Plow your hard ground/hearts up,

for it's time to (right now)
seek Yahweh-Lord, so too
he'll visit and shower 
righteousness upon you.  
(after Hosea 10:12)