changing structures and names

… Community development theory points to simplifying centralised functions
so that where they exist they provide, for decentralised activities and structures
  • information,
  • resources and
  • support.
Issues such as equity and maintenance of standards can be dealt with by more effective
  • networking,
  • communication and
  • coordination (rather than by central control).

I like the feeling engendered here. I do wonder though if sometimes it might be a matter of choosing words to help maintain a vibe, or tone… Maybe a new wine-skin of words to carry the ever new wine, continually pouring from the heart of the one who turned water, into wine. E.g. in that last point, although it may rightly be said that “central control”, can be talking about  the same function as “co-ordination”, I can see quite different drinks being delivered from these two word structures. God please help us to not dance around with symantics for the sake of our feelings or ownership of new structures, but for the sake of your kingdom of love to be willing to keep letting, as does every new mum (& even the apostle Paul), our bodies (minds, souls, naming creativity, analogies, parables..  etc) be the skins in which the new wine of your new life is birthed.

I think someone mentioned that the Navigators have an annual beachside holiday together for their members. I wonder if something like this would replace men's women's and members conference more meaningfully with the focus on relationships rather than on a program?

Wow…  maybe we should keep Canowindra Camp-us, for affordable country camping holidays for us all together...

God help us to not to dance around ‘bout here,
not that dancing is at all a problem,
for like the hills, and trees, and mountains sheer,
we dance that you’re with us - not a goblin!

I’m “scared” of self-full-filling actions which
are not designed to bless and bring your peace;
but mostly for our comfort, words we pitch
to help us feel less tied, and more released.

And yet we know you bring, and give your rest,
and peace that’s like this world can never give.
Maybe that’s why we need each other’s best
to be our goal; to listen, carefully sieve

even what we hear from prophecies that
do come from Godly folk, to help us grow.
Oh, God, may we not be like Eli: fat
and scared to crack the whip on “status quo”.

Well, now I’ve said it. All my fears I give
to you, to simply trust you on these seas.
Oh Jesus, help me now to take and live
your attitude, and also then your peace!

I want to step out of my coracle
which seems to be where fretful focused self
can pout & then ignore the oracle
& prophecies which you give for our health.

And now my fears come racing back again
and almost paralyse me to the floor.
God, thank you for your spirit, who can name,
& help us follow still, and be assured.


building up and pastoral care

Our Father, & my Papa, I love you.
I'm glad to see your children growing up.
because your own immense love will not do
with all their fetal growth be'ng interup-

ted, though at times it's all lost, so it seems,
& sometimes it regresses back as well,
& often we're not sure what "the best" means;
it's strange to think we all were once "a cell".

At ev'ry stage there's much that can go wrong,
(it's quite amazing that it ever works!)
so how this body has grown tall & strong
is quite a miracle, with its own perks;

for which I thank you now, I'm very glad,
that you have poured so much good here on me
there's part of me that gets glum, & then sad,
at every small, lost opportunity.

So now I want to fan that into flame,
-at least the part that wants to see more good,
& so not miss a chance to name & blame
the true one who has sourced all good that could

be seen to ever really be that way,
unless we're born without the eyes to see,
but as I've seen there's heaps of blind who'd say
"Our God has given much good here to me!"

And so I join with Helen Keller's kind,
& thank you for your life & love, I want
that daily life & interuptions find
me finding there your love-note, in your font.


friends moving near

Txt:Hi folks, we are moving . ... Kids will start school in Orange Term4. 😀

God thanks for your
provision more,
& still to come!
We are not glum!


telling stories ...


Tim. I agree,
But this I see,
following the

Jesus who spoke
to prod & poke
religious folk,
with story/joke

hardly have woke
-en ('cept as toke-
ken) to this bloke,
& what he spoke.

Yet we resort
(the long & short
of it) to sport,
we think we ought

to do to them
(our foe, or friend)
as we're bidden
by culture's men.

Please tell us some
stories, or one,
you have begun
(happy, or glum)

to these such ones
with pow'r of SON's
stories (and puns)
which shine as "sun's".

PW 9/Aug/2017

Is he not using the method he recommends? (Txt)

He shows quite well how others use stories
to get their points across to us with ease,
but as for stories that can help us sneeze
the life of God on them, to infect these

with his quite potent life (that's in the breeze).
He seems to stop just short a bit - & freeze.
Oh help him God (& us), to learn from Gees-
-us' methods who has taught us to not to wheeze,

but breathe deep of the breath of God (who sees!),
& speak on breathe (that is renewed from trees)
against the death that unclean spirits' fees
resultantly bring with them - so they please.

Let God's creative rhyme and poetry-s,
from novels and from life - that's histories,
be spread, before we're dead - under daisies.
May we infect with life, not just disease!



After the "op", he's had to stop. 'n'we might just drop. Glad God's on top!

Sam's back sleeping for a few hours. I think it went well

Good. Hope so. Are you
at the hospital?
or did you back to
Bend-i-go - travel?

Has the doc talked with
you, or told you what
happened, touched your kith
& kin? Are you "shot"?

Where are you sleeping -
tonight while Sam rests,
when "Sun" stops peeping,
where will you divest

all your lovely self,
all your consciousness...
to keep up your health
sleep in God's arms blessed!

Bless you, dear woman.
Love, from this ol' Paul.
I'm off to bed soon,
and love to them all.


we meet - off street?

Good morning
(I'm yawning)
dear Russell
(hair tussled?)
& through you, 
sister Sue!

You right for
a bite or
a swig of
this day (or

If yes so,
to Cargo
(or elsewhere)?
I'll be there
(well try to).
How 'bout you?

pea dubb-you.


the best of rest!

So Jesus said to them "Come to me, all 
of you who are quite weary, with bent back,
from heavy loads, it is to you I call."
(as Lady Wisdom does to  those who lack

the wisdom needed to negotiate
this world that's God's - who is "..the only wise".)
Good thing that "God is love" as well, I'd hate
to lack where he excells, lest he despise,

& treat me with contempt, & show me up,
but as it is he treats me as his child
who knows no better, he will grow me up,
he's willing to help, &, I think he smiled.

Then he said "I will give to you my rest"
(the kind of rest from "our work" that Jews have -
a Shabbat outcome, that is by God blessed,
that helps us better this world so to nav-

i-gate, for he will lead and open up
the way for those, who humble, can still learn;
he loves to knock, & then to sit and sup,
& share life with us, now it is my turn!

I want you Lord, to come right in and live
in me as does a spirit in a bod.
You're still a father true, you'll help me sieve
my motives, & choose what to do - like God,

but you won't be dictator here in me,
a fruit of your life, and your help, is self-
control. I love you more - as more I see,
and act to show your life's work - & it's wealth.


Jesus is saying "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy loads, and I will give you rest." Mathew 11:28 (PM Version)

The Lord leads the humble in what is right, teaching them His way. Psalms 25:9 (PM Version)